The Vision

Improving Life and Commerce in Northwest Ohio

What does it take for a community to thrive? Quality housing, entertainment, dining and shopping opportunities, and economic development for jobs and income. We believe it’s time for our community to start living and thriving because our community deserves more. The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio is about making pivotal moves right now to nurture the development of a strong community. Our vision is to create the best-planned, mixed-use community in the state of Ohio, or even in the Midwest.


The Crossroads

An Orchestrated Community in Northwest Ohio

Through hands-on planning and coordination from a strong team of industry professionals, the Crossroads of Northwest Ohio is set to meet the significant needs of the community. The mixed-use community will bring:

Residential Dwellings and Neighborhoods
Hotels, Restaurants, and Entertainment
Retail Shopping at Crossroads
Commercial Establishments
Community-Based Festivals and Events

The Crossroads will be a fully orchestrated community built around nurturing, entertaining, uplifting, and growing our region for the people. We intend to bring all those must-have, bigger-city amenities closer to home, whether that is quality apartments and housing, family fun, or shopping and hotels.

We Want to Make It Possible for Locals to Get Busy Living

Planted along the I-75 corridor through Ohio, the Crossroads gives locals centralized access to the aspects of life they may normally drive to other cities to get. The area is situated between four larger cities: Dayton, Toledo, Columbus, and Fort Wayne. This area has an extreme need for housing, shopping, entertainment, and all the attributes that support modern life. Our orchestrated development brings all of that to the table, so the community can truly get busy living.

Where our future takes root

Together we have the power to grow our communities in West Central Ohio.

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August 2014
Original 30 acres were purchased
Crossroads of NWO
December 2015
Additional 90 acres were purchased
May 2019
Crossroads of NW Ohio, LLC was established
September 2019
Adjacent property (25 acres) was purchased
November 2019
First option secured of 15 acres north of National Road
November 2020
77 acres purchased off Mudsock Road
December 2020
5 acres purchased north of National Road
Crossroads National Road Cridersville
May 2021
Parcels annexed into the Village of Cridersville
June 2021
Finalized TIF Ordinance and Development Agreement with the Village of Cridersville
July 2021
Ground breaking for utilities under I-75
Crossroads Project
August 2021
Sold Future Central Park Acreage to Auglaize County
Fall 2021
Completion of Phase 1
October 22, 2021
Official Groundbreaking and Regional Stakeholder Visioning Event
Groundbreaking and vision casting events
December 2021
National Marketing Launch
Crossroads Marketing
March 2022
Hosted the first Ten4WCO Influencer Dinner
May 2022
ICSC Expo Las Vegas

Where our future takes root

Together we have the power to grow our communities in West Central Ohio.