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The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio - What's to Come

The Crossroads development project has moved through its first phase. We’ve moved beyond development agreements, land acquirements, and utility securement, so the next steps will be some of the biggest. By the time we’re finished, The Crossroads will be an all-out community built on resident needs and wants, strong economics, and the best-laid plans. From multiple housing options to entertainment, the end community will be almost a small town in itself. Here’s a summary of everything you can expect just on the horizon.


The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio is a pivotal project located along the I-75 corridor between Lima and Wapakoneta, where about 15 million people travel through the area on their way to larger metropolitan areas. The project is aimed to strengthen the Northwest Ohio community through culture, excitement, and opportunity to create a stopping point for many.



The Crossroads community has plans for multiple housing options to suit any tenant or property owner. From multi-family complexes like upscale apartments, townhouses, and condominiums to single-family homes, the residential aspect of the community will leave residents with no shortage of options.


The retail industry is all about serving the needs of the community where consumerism is concerned. The Crossroads community is poised in the prime position to benefit retailers because the area serves as a crossing point between multiple regions and bigger cities. However, retail presence also brings employment opportunities for the residents of the area. Planning is already underway for small commercial spaces and mid and large-box retail establishments.


Every good community needs good food where community members can come together and travelers can try the local food fare. The Crossroads is set to become a hot spot for the best eateries along the I-75 corridor with multiple restaurants already staking their parcel claims.


Accommodations, meeting spaces, and outdoor facilities are important to any well-established community. Hotels bring these attributes to a community. For now, several outlying parcels of The Crossroads are dedicated to hotels, which will eventually account for several hotel rooms to serve everyday guests and passersby traveling through the area.


Mixed-use developments bring together the best in residential and commercial spaces. Many of the apartments and condos in The Crossroads community are planned to be planted in the mixed-use areas of the development. Therefore, residents will get to enjoy entertainment, shopping, and even dining close to home. Business owners who gravitate to these mixed-use areas gain the advantage of ample nearby, regular customers.

Developing a Community Worth Paying a Visit

Cridersville Has Always Been a Pass-Through Village. Development Creates a Stopping Point.

The Crossroads brings together the best of residential life and a sense of community. About 15 million people travel through the area on their way to larger metropolitan areas. However, with a new community filled with culture, excitement, and opportunity, this area is bound to become a stopping point for many.

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