Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vision?

We intend to build one of the nicest mixed-use developments in the Midwest. We have an extreme need for housing, shopping, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues in our region. We want to help improve the quality of life for our region by orchestrating a development that brings all these things to this area.

Who’s behind this?

This is a local project being developed by a small group of local residents.

When will it open?

We are hoping to have portions of the project underway as early as this fall. With the scope of this project, there will be continuing growth and development over at least the next 3-4 years.

Why Cridersville?

The project was named the Crossroads as it is situated between 4 larger cities: Toledo, Dayton, Columbus, and Fort Wayne. It is also positioned at the crossroads for the region, between Lima and Wapakoneta, between Bluffton and Sidney, between St. Mary’s and Russells Point, and between Findlay and Troy. The project is right on I-75 and it is being developed at the ‘Crossroads’ of the region. Cridersville has been an excellent partner in getting the project put together and off the ground.

How will this help small businesses?

This will provide services to the region that will elevate the quality of life of everyone in the area. The project will bring additional small businesses, provide services and space for small businesses, and will also keep local spending in our region home.

How do we stay up to date on what’s happening?

We will be providing regular updates via social media, traditional media, and on our website.

What restaurants are coming?

Although we cannot be specific until the restaurants coming, make the announcements themselves, we have at least 8-10 restaurant out-lots planned and commercial space in our mixed use buildings for many additional restaurants and food outlets. There will also be food truck sites near Central Park and plans are underway for a potential street food venue.

Will there be low-income housing?

All currently planned housing is market-rate. Multiple regional housing studies have shown this is where we have the greatest needs.

Are Cridersville tax dollars being used for the project?

Although tax benefits, via Tax Increment Financing legislation, are being provided by the Village of Cridersville, any benefits are based on the increase in property values due to development. We believe the project will be a large net positive in tax revenue to the Village.

What stores are coming?

Again, we cannot be specific as we need to allow companies to make their own announcements. We are asking residents of the region to participate in letting us know what stores and restaurants they would like to see.

What kind of residential options?

As the development progresses we are planning to have everything from multi-family apartments to condominiums, townhomes, and even single-family homes.

How do I buy/rent housing?

We will have a link on our website to our housing website There you will find announcements and you will be able to sign up for email updates.

How will this affect traffic?

We have had initial traffic studies and have worked with ODOT on a traffic plan. The Cridersville exit overpass was designed and built as 4 lanes and has significant capacity. Although there will be additional traffic, we are working hard to minimize the impact of this additional traffic.

Why would tenants want to come?

We have very strong demographics in our region. Although there will be architectural standards in order to make this a well-planned and very high-quality development, we will provide clarity and guidelines that will ease the process. Building permitting goes through Miami County, a building department, regionally known for its helpfulness.