Crossroads of Northwest Ohio partners with NXTGEN for sustainable energy

The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio, LLC has entered an innovative partnership with NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions to explore environmentally friendly options that will helpCrossroads meet its “sustainable, innovative, livability” goals. Crossroads, together with The Village of Cridersville, has made an ongoing commitment to reduce carbon footprint, attract clean energy, implement equitable policy solutions and reduce energy costs for the entire development.

“Ohio’s biggest opportunity to address large-scale environmental challenges and opportunities is at the local level.” Says PCFO on their website “In fact, most climate action victories over the past several years have occurred in cities and counties where pragmatism and practical solutions drive decision-making.”

Some of the practical off-grid solutions being explored by Crossroads leadership are solar street lighting, solar parking lot lighting, EV charging stations with sun-powered electrical outlets, micro-wind turbines and “smart poles” that include solar lighting, cameras, WIFI, environmental sensors, emergency call buttons and gunshot detection.

“It’s great to see developments like Crossroads taking action and making moves towards their clean energy goals,” says NXTGEN founder Russ Bates, who will be personally working with Crossroads in the upcoming months to create a clean energy plan that aligns with the architectural design goals while still providing affordable energy needs. NXTGEN was chosen as a clean energy partner based on its 150 years combined experience in the power generation market and its expertise in bringing self-sustaining microgrids to communities both large and small.

“The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio is committed to being a sustainable development and reducing our carbon footprint,” said Project Director Joshua Bloomfield. “We are excited to partner with NXTGEN to develop an actionable plan and make real progress towards that commitment. We look forward to exploring all options when it comes to protecting the environment, and ensuring the safety, health, and livability of Crossroads residents.”

These clean energy efforts are currently in the research phase, with NXTGEN examining the best options for short-, mid- and long-term projects that can help Crossroads meet their sustainable development goals. A full report is expected to be available by years end, allowing Crossroads to plan for, and responsibly incorporate cutting edge alternative energy solutions into the overall development plans.